2021, Part 2

Arjun Basu
2 min readDec 21, 2021

More dumb and less dumb

Never expected to reference this album ever

2021 both happened and didn’t happen. I mean it did, of course it did, I’m not delusional. I’m not a denier of time. And we know there are some people who do deny time, or its passage. The end is never good because the end is always the same. That’s also something about time: there is an end. Even if time is endless.

If you think you’ve already read something like this from me you’re not wrong and you’re also wrong.

So: time happens. But it also doesn’t.

And 2022 is also going to happen. I’ve always had trouble with the passage of time. Not in the sense of its denial but in the sense of feeling it. A date or holiday or season almost always surprises me. I live with a kind of timelessness and for this reason the things that we use to mark time’s passage always catch me unawares. I’m in a perpetual state of not being ready. But then I catch up quickly. So I’m good at something.

And now, in this time of the plague, time is even more elusive. It does not help that I am reading a book about space, where the concept of space-time and light years and infinity and “before the Big Bang” are bandied about like cheap candy.

Time is a measurement that we can see and feel but only in its passing, and usually in our lower back.

2021 started down then went up and then went down but that is not really about time but of mood, which has nothing to do with time and everything to do with our feelings, which are also linked and not linked to time.

Time is nothing. And everything. 2021, in that sense, was the timeliest of times.



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