…is a thing people who write on Medium write about on Medium

I’m not happy with a lot of things. I’m not going to list them but suffice to say the state of Medium isn’t in the top, oh, 100 things I’m not happy with. Don’t flatter yourself, Medium writer.

(a country song)

I didn’t know you left me
I thought you were in the bathroom
You’ve been constipated lately
Spending your time in the bathroom.

I didn’t think you’d ever leave me.

Maybe you weren’t suffering
Or suffering another kind of suffering
Maybe you were plotting
Spending your time in the bathroom…

Because business is business

Many of you know me as a writer. And many of you also realize, probably, that writing doesn’t always pay the bills. The little ones and the big ones. That’s why I am in the midst of announcing my new consultancy. This is the website if…

A bit of professionalism on my part

In the coming weeks, I will launch arbaStrategies, a strategic consultancy/advisory that aims to help brands navigate content, messaging and branding in a complex, noisy world. Every brand has a story waiting to be told. Better. My goal is to help brands do…

My thinking exactly. I try and ignore all reviews. I avoid the thrill of the good ones and the valleys of the bad ones. I do, however, seem to find the "unfair" ones - mostly people saying "I can't believe they said that" or "It's like they didnt read the book" and then my instincts are out the window.

Arjun Basu

Writer. Complainer. I drink bourbon. I edit and create media, and work in content, branding and strategy, @arjunbasu and @arbastrategies.

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