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Everything. Here in Montreal, we’re going into another lockdown. Not a complete lockdown mind you. Hair salons will remain open. Gyms. Offices (at 25% capacity). Schools. But not *checks notes* libraries. Or restaurants (delivery only). A gallery that sells art can remain open. But a museum where one merely looks at and appreciates art, no. That is somehow worse than sweating at a gym.

I’m not complaining about the lockdown per se. We have to do something and the authorities here engaged in some wishful thinking over the summer and now they are still engaging in some wishful thinking but it’s a different kind of wishful thinking.

Government, in the end, really is about tax-funded wishful thinking, some of it great, some good, some of it stupid and some of it idiotic and wasteful. Sometimes that wishful thinking leads to war. And some governments are led by people who don’t care about any of it, just their own aggrandisement, or as a crazy plan to avoid crippling debt, or as a way to get back at some kid who picked on you when you were little (probably), or because you have a micro penis (probably) and this makes you lash out. Or because you think your history was really really cool (and made your penis look bigger).

It’s all too much. I have a new appreciation for Nick Lowe’s Cruel to Be Kind. I don’t know why. But this has happened. I’m trying to find the meaning of it.

I rediscovered the books of Tom Drury last spring. The Black Brook is the simplest most complicated thing you might ever read. Every sentence is magic. Or sorcery. After I reread The Black Brook I reread the entire Drury oeuvre.

I ordered a chair from Ikea for my son. How does a company so obviously successful still not get e-commerce? Or delivery? If you can make everyone’s bookshelves AND delicious meat balls you should be able to handle delivery.

It’s getting darker and darker earlier and earlier. A new quarantine is upon us. A second wave. Perhaps even a third.

Trees burn. Winds churn. Ice melts. People die. Everything is too much.

Unless you have cake. Then you should eat the whole thing. Eat all the cake.

You deserve it.

Writer. Complainer. I drink bourbon. I have edited media, worked in content and branding and strategy, and chances are I’ll do those things again. @arjunbasu

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