It’s 2021, we’re still stuck in the plague and I’m still going to have thoughts. And then some of those thoughts will find their way here. So this is a series. Of thoughts. Published randomly. For no reason. Thank you for coming.

You want to stick that where now?

Today, I learned the Chinese have started testing for Covid with an… anal swab. So yes, things can get worse. They almost always do before they get better.

I spent Monday watching (listening?) to a global climate conference. A lot of world leaders blah blahing about what they’re doing or not doing or trying to do to solve a problem that requires… global leadership. It was heartening to see a quite apologetic and humble John Kerry speaking from what looked like the library of an estate (which, of course, could be his since he married into a second-hand ketchup fortune). But it was good to see the potential for the mantle of leadership from the Americans. It was a confirmation that some things have changed. Not everything. But on this important matter, yes. The more people that want a common outcome, the better. Words matter. As we’ve seen, words uttered at the top change narratives, alter discourse, create a new center. So I’m more hopeful on this front than I’ve been in a while.

Words matter. They always do.

Anal swabs!!!

Speaking of anal anything, there has long been a feeling that beings from outer space loved coming to earth and sticking things up people’s butts. Probes. And, well, we haven’t been visited by aliens yet, not that anyone can prove, but maybe not. I believe there are other lifeforms out there though the universe is, um, big and even aliens that have achieved a civilization capable of space travel might spend a lot of time in its own neighborhood rather than come here to stick probes up our butts. I’m not so sure they would choose the butt for probes. I mean, maybe. Fetishes happen.

Quarantine-inspired gerbil museums happen.

And…ghost villages are happening. I’ve been thinking of this as well. In countries with negative growth entire villages are being abandoned. You can purchase villages in Spain or Italy or Japan — your own Dollywood! I would think eventually these places will get razed and nature will be allowed to reclaim what has been taken from it. But this is a problem much of the world will have to confront at some point. Depopulation is real. Or another way of saying this: growth isn’t forever. Capitalism is going to have a big problem with this, or at least socieities built around the idea of growth, which is almost all of them. Of us. Depopulation is good for the planet, but the planet will survive us one way or the other. The real question becomes: how do we continue living and living well? How do we adapt? What do we change? And are we human enough to do it?

Or do we just wait for the anal swabs to do the dirty work for all of us? 2021, man. I’m already looking forward to 2022.

2021 is not living up to its promise.

Writer. Complainer. I drink bourbon. I have edited media, worked in content and branding and strategy, and chances are I’ll do those things again. @arjunbasu

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