This is how it’s going to work. I’m going to have thoughts. And then those thoughts will find their way here. So this is a series. Of thoughts. Published randomly. For no reason. Thank you for coming.

America needs you, Jeff Goldblum

Actually, I don’t. I have no thoughts. I’m numb is the thing. For someone who has a lot of thoughts being numb is not so great.

I’ve gone from being a news junkie to someone who avoids the news. Or most news. Because I can’t stand the news any longer. I’m not one of those that feels an adrenaline rush from hearing about the misfortunes of others. And these days there’s a lot of misfortune going around.

I’m not making the case for ignorance. Don’t get me wrong. Ignorance is how we find ourselves in this situation. And I’m not talking about the U.S. or its election. I mean, that’s a part of it, but it’s not the whole part of it.

Though as far as metaphors go, this fly nailed it.

But, again, the U.S. does not have a monopoly on bad news. It might seem like it, and to many Americans, well, I hear you, but the world as a whole is not in a good place, on many levels, and some days, like today, that level feels somewhere between “existential” and “we’re so fucked.” It might even be a scary notion that bad things are not limited to the U.S. because there are a lot of bad things emanating from there now. Like the world smells the stench. Again, that fly nailed it.

But the fly could have descended on, say, Vladimir Putin’s head (though I get the feeling Putin would not only have felt the fly but he would have killed it in a single motion, on live television), or that dude from Belarus, or Xi Jinping’s head, or, say, a hundred million other heads of the assholes helping to render me numb.

I am not even comfortably numb. That’s not a bad state. I’m just numb.

Did you hear about the disaster in Kamchatka? And Eddie Van Halen?

At least we have the dude on the skateboard, rocking to Fleetwood Mac. Enjoying his cranberry juice. What a world. At least we still get happy endings. Though Ocean Spray could have, like, not gifted him a gas guzzling truck. It’s obvious the dude can get to and from work on his skateboard.

Greater Than

Clean > Dirty
Cranberry muffins > cranberry juice
Electric > Gas
Flu > Covid
Flies > Pundits

Writer. Complainer. I drink bourbon. I have edited media, worked in content and branding and strategy, and chances are I’ll do those things again. @arjunbasu

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