This is how it’s going to work. I’m going to have thoughts. And then those thoughts will find their way here. So this is a series. Of thoughts. Published randomly. For no reason. Thank you for coming.

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It’s not good to have thoughts sometimes. Lately. For a while. Since 2016 for sure. But 2020 most definitely. Having said that, this is not the year for mere thinking. It’s the year for doing. Action. Curing. Voting. Repairing.

The only way to avoid thoughts is being in a coma. Or dead. (This is not a slight to those in a coma or dead). And neither are palatable options at the best of times. Especially now. Especially if you are NOT an asshole. Though the not-assholes always have to fix what the assholes have wrought and that’s not fair. I agree. But that’s the way the world works. It always has.

We are in this predicament because a lot of people are assholes. This is not a surprise. These people will anything that validates their world view. Especially if their worldview is….

But, hey, you’re part of a , so I hope this for you. Just stay Especially if you’re , asshole.

Canadians, despite our reputation for being nice (, but “nice” is relative), are . Massively ones ( still has the potential to , though I doubt it will because most Canadians are very very very passive — or , which is far worse; we’re also at the same time.) Being an asshole is part of the human condition. It is universal. Overcoming assholes is what gives us art. Even if the is created by … .

Covid is, of course, the . And from the sounds of it, for many years to come. Even if we eradicate the thing, the impact of it, from real estate (commercial for sure, residential not so much) to how we work (not in offices) to what we eat (not seated in restaurants), or how we watch movies (not in theatres), or where we holiday (ha!), or how we travel (by train, probably, and also on government-run airlines in a lot of places) you name it, we’ll be feeling this for years. If not decades.

I despair for people who own . (I also despair for people who own .) I love food. I love cooking (I did before being stuck at home and I probably love it more now). This didn’t stop me from buying a stupid this past week because of fucking but mostly because I, too, am an asshole. And the idea of cooking a (!) is tempting. Because . And I live in .

And though the news gets me down (), joy still exists. Some and , some (the reason for this joy is not joyful, it is the — and the solidarity — exhibited by these people that is), more . And it is in recognizing this joy, that perhaps we can overcome this moment. And ensure that we do the things necessary to maintain that joy in a sustainable manner. Sustainable joy. even.

What a concept.

Greater Than

Love > hate
Tacos >
This podcast > this (don’t get me wrong, both are great — the latter exists, however, for amazingly awful reasons, but it is also the one seeking solutions to all the crap surrounding us, so perhaps not “greater than” — these are my words, fuck off)
Whales > as floating buffets
My dog > yours

This is our dog, Gigi, and she loves road trips, hunting down food that has fallen to the floor, and every smell in the world (which makes her soooo fucking annoying on walks). She’s a beagle-basset if you’re curious. A bagel.

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