This is how it’s going to work. I’m going to have thoughts. And then those thoughts will find their way here. So this is a series. Of thoughts. Published randomly. For no reason. Thank you for coming.

All our heroes die

I’ve been thinking of entropy lately. I’m not smart enough to explain this properly, but the (extremely condensed) explanation of entropy is that everything eventually degrades and dies ( for those of you who can digest this much smarts, and and for those of you who, like me, may require the aid of cartoons). This is the law of the universe (indeed, the universe is the ultimate example of entropy). Without it, we have no time, for example. Entropy is the second law of . Don’t make me try to explain thermodynamics. Please. For your sake and for mine.

I’ve been thinking about entropy with relation to the news. All of it. Not just the damned , though there’s that. And not just because of the American election, though there’s that as well ( — yes, that’s my editorial statement). But in a more global sense. In the everything sense. Entropy always exists. We live in it and are governed by its laws. But we don’t…experience it. Not normally. I mean, we’re at an unimaginable speed but none of us feel it. Except when you take .

But sometimes we feel the laws that govern our being. We don’t think about gravity except when we fall (or, perhaps more precisely, when we are about to). And right now, given all that is going on, we feel a kind of global entropy. Things are failing. We are living degraded lives. We are aware of the possibility of death. We are at one with the universe.

Entropy is its own kind of existential buzzkill. It is an ironic, extremely structured and rule-based form of anarchy. It exists and because of it, and despite it, so do we. Everything is entropy. It seeks an end even as we resist it. All life resists it. We talk of progress (well, most of us do) and have evolution. We “advance.” We move “forward.” We are, essentially, optimistic creatures. We have to be. It is how we make it through. It is how we live. Even though entropy is larger than anyone or anything. Because it is everything and everywhere.

Despite efforts to change this simple fact: We all die. Even James Bond.

Even when he looked like this.

Writer. Complainer. I drink bourbon. I have edited media, worked in content and branding and strategy, and chances are I’ll do those things again. @arjunbasu

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