The Spring Does Not Care About Your Feelings

Because it can’t and it never will

It is March and that means, here at least, that winter refuses to leave, though the sun may feel warm(er) and the length of the days creep longer, but it’s Montreal in March and that does not mean it’s spring it just means some days the snow on the ground melts and then freezes overnight to render the sidewalks sheets of ice. In some parts of the world, March heralds nice things. In Montreal, it means you can start to see all the dogshit slowly being exposed by the slowly melting snow. April is the month of hope here. March is the month of despair.

It is not uncommon for the St. Patrick’s Day parade to be held during a snowstorm. Just as it is not uncommon for it to be held during bitter cold. Or during a warm sunny day. Or in the driving rain. It’s March in Montreal. Regardless, the parade is the “start of spring” for many here. The streets are green with excess. The Irish bars downtown revel in the same excess. It feels like a collective sigh of relief. Sponsored by Guiness. A promise of sorts. Except there was no parade last year because of the plague. Just as there will be no parade this year either. Because of the plague.

The weather, of course, does not care about the plague. If anything, the weather is thankful for it, if it could be thankful, because the skies are cleaner, mostly, but the weather can’t be thankful, who are we kidding, this is impossible, because the weather is not a person and if it were, it would have done us in a long while ago. The weather can be thankful in children’s books but then the books grow up and eventually so do we. But not completely. Because we have no respect for the systems that create the weather and as adults, you’d think we would.

The weather does not care about your feelings. People all over the world know this. And yet people all over the world also pray for (and to) the weather, feel blessed by it, take weather personally and blame the weatherperson/meteorologist for the weather no matter what. If meteorologists could control the weather they would be The Avengers. Or the X-Men. Or, perhaps in the future, both (I’m not holding my breath). Either way, the weather does not care about comic book characters come to multimillion dollar life on the screen. Or your feelings about the movies or the superheroes or anything else. It does not care if you love your parents or not. It does not care about your love for your adorable pet. Or your spouse. Or your sweet, sweet pain-in-the-ass children. It does not because it cannot.

The weather does not care about the season. The weather is a function of the season but the season is a construct. It is astronomy. The weather we have just is. The seasons just are. Seasons are a function of the earth’s rotation and that rotation is on an axis, which means the earth wobbles as it revolves around the sun. None of these actions care about the weather or your feelings or the plague or anything else. They can’t care, they aren’t people.

Canada has a lot of geography, some of it quite beautiful, and Canada has a lot of weather, most of it bad for much of the year. It’s the trade-off for, I don’t know, Wayne Gretzky or universal healthcare. Something like that. It’s March. The plague has lasted more than a year. Vaccinations are ramping up. Spring is coming. Eventually. It always does. Regardless of your feelings.

Writer. Complainer. I drink bourbon. I have edited media, worked in content and branding and strategy, and chances are I’ll do those things again. @arjunbasu

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