This is a function of a lot of things: media competition, the money involved in American politics, a fixed date electoral system, the fact that every year is pretty much election year if you factor in the house, senate and executive, the intensity of the bipartisanship inherent in a two party system, etc. There’s a lot of stuff broken with the system, I think. Canada has its flaws (lots of them) but the election system (as opposed to how we vote) isn’t one of them. The fact that the last election, at 10 weeks was called “long” by almost everyone here (Canadians like to complain, granted) is indicative of what I’m talking about. I’m getting tired of your election and I’m not even American. I don’t know how you guys are managing this. You truly are a blessed nation.

Writer. Complainer. I drink bourbon. I have edited media, worked in content and branding and strategy, and chances are I’ll do those things again. @arjunbasu

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